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Thermokinetic mixer

Proven technology to mix quickly without storing
Master key for post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams
Easily process contaminated materials
Many possibilities of finished products

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fond noir

In September 2021, our equipment was used for a test conducted for the GAPC (Circular Plastics Action Group) white paper on “Solutions towards greater circularity in Quebec and Canada”.

Déchet de plastique.jpg

Step 1

Plastic waste

  • Nylon

  • PET

  • Wood

  • HDPE

  • Etc.

Granulés de plastique.jpg

Step 2

Plastic pellets

7ps test.jpg

Step 3

Thermokinetic mixer 

Rubber dough.png

Step 4

Plastic dough

produits finis test.jpg

Step 5

Finished products 

  • Plastic pallets

  • Parking bumper

  • Construction products

  • Etc.

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